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Variable graphics with less than 100% opacity


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Here's a little trick that I've mentioned in the past and, now that we have a forum that you can search in, I want to post it again.


This is a great little tip if you want to use a graphic image that has less than 100% opacity.


Create your image in Illustrator and set the opacity to the level you want. Then, in Illustrator, go to Fil > Save As... and save it as an Illustrator PDF. Make sure you select the "Maintain Illustrator Editing Data" (or whatever it's called) and save the PDF.


Use that PDF as an image in your FusionPro template and, voila, you have a translucent image.

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Hi Rob,


I found your post today and thought it was what I was looking for, but not quite. I have an image that needs to be used at 100% opacity at the top of my template, and at the bottom I need to use it at an opacity of 20% of the original. Is there a way to do this in fp utilizing only 1 image? Or would I need 2 separate ones?




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