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Monospace font not spacing correctly


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I have a document with a variable text frame that pulls strings like this from a csv file:

0 2089831369 15CHKMAARCTDP 3 E902B0 K5MPS 000B3 0


I have the font set to OCR A Std per our clients specifications. For some reason, the spaces do not have the same spacing as the other characters. The section with 4 spaces in a row seems to be condensed in FusionPro. When I print this string directly from Excel or Word, the spacing is exactly as it should be.


The text is no set to "adjust to fit", and I don't have any kerning or tracking adjustments in place.


Does anyone have any thoughts on why the space character is not the same width as the alpha and numeric characters using this monospace font?

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Our support engineer provided this solution. Thought I'd post it here in case anyone stumbles across this post looking for answers.


the solution:

return ReplaceSubstring(Field("ScanLine"), " ", " ");

See below for full explanation from the engineer.


Create an “Empty Text Rule” for this field.


Select “Create Rules>>>New(Text)>>>Empty Text Rule.

Give the Rule a unique name as you will use this new name instead of the field form the “Variable” drop box

In the “Variable Text Editor”


return ReplaceSubstring(Field("Full Name"), " ", " ");

// make sure all those quotes come out as straight quotes – not curly quotes.



Remember to check the box “Treat returned strings as tagged text.”


Also, if there is a possibility that the Field Full Name might contain an ampersand, then you can run NormalizeEntities against it – like this:



return ReplaceSubstring(NormalizeEntities(Field("Full Name")), " ", " "); // make sure all those quotes come out as straight quotes – not curly quotes.




That will turn any ampersands in Full Name to & - so for example if the Full Name was AT&T Holding Company, then the result of the Normalize Entities call would be:


AT&T Holding Company


Which when passed to the Replace Substring function turns it into:


AT&T Holding Company


Which, after it goes through the typesetter results in:


AT&T Holding Company


Being sent to the output stream (but with non-breakable spaces instead of regular spaces between the words.)

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