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Intelligent barcode font

Ryan Graybeal

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I have a font "usps4cb.ttf" that was provided by the US Post Office that is supposed to be used for making intelligent barcodes.

I get an error in the fonts.err file. It will show up in the fonts list but it won't preview or embed in the composed PDF.


*** Error 5; val 2 on readPostTable() line 2567 of ttfps.cpp

*** Error 5; val 2 on readPostTable() line 2626 of ttfps.cpp


No glyph name table; assuming MacGlyphEncoding

I am a complete newbie to the intelligent barcode realm. It looks like the data I have will work. The data consists of ADTFs...


Will intelligent barcodes work with this font or do I have to us the MakeIntelligentMailBarcode rule and have my data processing team break the data up into "inTrackingStr, inRoutingStr" ?


Thanks for any help.

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I realize this post was well over a year ago but I thought I'd comment anyways. I haven't used the 'MakeIntelligentBarcode' rule yet. However, here is what I do.


I use either PostalSoft Desktop mailer or Satori Bulk Mailer to presort my mailings. I export the database from those programs and the db has a field that consists of the data for the IMB. I create a new FP text box and add that field as the variable and assign the same font you're using. It works perfectly.


Hope this helps you or someone else :)



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