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Font and graphics issue


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I'm trying to use a Garamond type font in Fusion pro like this


<f name="Adobe Garamond Pro">


The problem is that the quote characters are showing up graphically as straight vertical lines when they are supposed to look like curves. Testing this same font in Microsoft Word, the font looks correct. In FusionPro, the font is incorrect.


Also, I'm using a FreeScript font. In Microsoft word, the apostrophe character shows up fine. In FusionPro, the apostrophe will not appear at all.


Finally, is there a way to control the margin around graphical resources? It seems as those I am getting too much top margin around a graphic.



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I believe a solution to your smart quotes problem can be found in this post.


Your question about graphics and margins might be too general. Maybe you can be more specific? Are you referring to an inline graphic that has extra space above it? If yes, try adjusting the leading or turn on legacy line leading. (Variable Text Editor > Paragraph > Global Settings > Use legacy line leading)

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