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which output format to use


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New to FusionPro Desktop and need some help.


FusionPro ver 5.8 Windows

Printer: Konica/Minolta 1050


What Output Format do I use when composing to get the static information to be cached. I have been using pdf, but it takes too long to compose and to rip?

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Hello Kevin,


To make a recommendation on an output format, can you let us know what RIP/print controller you have in front of your Printer? I'm not sure if there is a RIP option that can be in front of a 1050 such as a Fiery or a Creo but if you have one of these RIPs, try PPML (for either) or VPS (for Creo).


If you don't have a Fiery or Creo, your embedded print controller in the 1050 likely only supports PostScript and PCL (I could be mistaken on that but your Konica rep should be able to confirm this for you). If that's the case, try making PostScript from FusionPro. By default, it's optimized PostScript. However, it depends on the controller to RIP that PS in an optimized fashion (RIP each element once vs. once per use throughout the job).



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I'm not familiar with the Emperon RIP. This RIP may or may not support VDP print workflows (where reused objects are cached and reused vs. re-processed on every page).


I recommend speaking with your dealer about the capabilities of the RIP to see what print formats it supports and if it supports cacheing of reused objects for VDP workflows. I'd ask specifically if PPML is supported (an industry standard printstream for VDP) and if optimized PS and PDF printstreams are RIP'd in an optimized fashion.


You can also try the optimized PostScript and see what the performance looks like. Our PS is optimized so as long as the RIP takes advantage of that optimization, you should get good performance.

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