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IGEN rip crashing

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I put in a support ticket for this but the suggestion to optimize the pdfs didn't fix the problem so I'm hoping maybe someone in the User Community has run into this and can offer some help or suggestions.


We're currently using Acrobat 9.5.5 with Fusion Pro 9.2.3 software on a PC running Windows 7. Our IGEN3 is running a CREO rip on Windows XP.


The first .vps of our compositions crash at the IGEN rip. It doesn't happen on every composition but about half of them. Every subsequent .vps in the run will rip as expected.


They've recently updated the software on the rips. The IGEN operators are clearing the cache, I'm told, after every job is run.


A ticket was submitted Xerox and they tested our .vps files and their reply...

"I am seeing the same fault that you are. I cannot find the reason for the fault or any setting on the Creo that will eliminate the fault. Unfortunately, I can also not send this into engineering for analysis since they are no longer accepting problem tickets for the iGen3 or any of its connected DFEs."


Does anyone have any ideas or has anyone experienced a similar issue?




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