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Issues with using quad tag


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I have a series of coupons that are printed using some rules. The bottom of the coupons print a disclaimer that needs to be equal right-left justified and after the disclaimer is a "code: ***" that needs to be right justified.


I am able to display the disclaimer paragraph without any issue using code that looks like this:


'<z newsize="7"><p quad="J">All of the text for the disclaimer paragraph';


If I do not print a "code: ***" line, the disclaimer paragraph will format nicely with the whole paragraph equal justification on each line and the remainder last line left justifies as expected.


The problem comes in when I add the "code: ***" line and it needs to be right justified. Note that this line must come after the disclaimer paragraph.


I add the following line:


<z newsize="8"><p quad="R"><b>Code: + field("code") + '</b>';


and the "code: ***" line will appear on the same line as the last line of the disclaimer paragraph. Which I cannot have.


If I add a <br> at the end of the disclaimer paragraph, then the last line of the disclaimer will add too much space because it now wants to fully justify the last line.


Any ideas?

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