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My Color is Different Between Acrobat and InDesign or QuarkXPress

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If the color of the items in a FusionPro Desktop PDF template appear to be different than the color of those same items in the source of the layout, for example Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress, color management settings (the Color Profile) in those applications may be the cause of this issue.


In order to get the best color matching between a FusionPro PDF and the source artwork, ensure that the same color profile is set in both Acrobat and the source layout application.


Each application stores their color profile settings in different location so please refer to your user guide for those applications to determine where these are set. Here is some information about some of the more popular applications FusionPro Desktop users have in their workflow:


Adobe Acrobat 7

Select Edit->Preferences and select Color Management


Adobe InDesign CS2

Select Edit->Color Settings


QuarkXPress 6.5

First, ensure that the "Quark CMS" XTension is loaded and enabled.

Then go to Edit->Preferences and select the Quark CMS extension.

Click "Color Management Active".

Additional color profiles can be added to Quark by selecting Utilities->Profile Manager.

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This is not the only reason why colors could be different between indesign and acrobat. Make sure that when exporting the pdf from indesign, the PDF type is set to high quality printing. A prepress collegae of mine had it set to optimise for size.


Indesign changed the setting back to this after every re-start. Since this was one of the first full color business card (the rest where in pantone, and they are all fine) we detected this only after producing a custom card via indesign, and comparing that to the VDP card.

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