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Any Consultants Out There?

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I have a variable project that is rather advanced and may require Java scripting. Here are a few details:


1. The project is for a 4-day show with lots of attendees (10's of thousands). Each attendee will get an 11x8.5 sheet containing their name badge, a list of the sessions they are to attend over the 4 days, and some coupons/marketing.

2. The number of sessions for each attendee will vary and each days sessions are separated by a graphic header. The header will need to move up or down to accommodate the varying number of sessions for each day.

3. The total session count should support it all fitting on a single sheet.

4. If an attendee has no sessions for a particular day, the graphic header for said day is not displayed.

5. There are 3 versions: consultant, guest, and an onsite blank.

6. Several if-then-else statements.

7. Some barcodes.


I can supply the artwork (Indesign/Fonts/Graphics), a sample data file, and a mockup with field mapping and if-then-else statement instructions.


If anyone can tackle this, please send me a private message so we can discuss all the particulars.




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