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Best Practices: Sequential Numbering Based on User Defined Start Number


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I am working on creating a coupon book, where a quantity of one equals 250 pages of coupons. Each coupon has the same image and a sequential number that increases by an increment of one each page. I've made a few attempts at altering the Sequential Numbering Rule, from the wizard, but don't know if I am taking the best approach.


My end goal is to have a single field to type a number into. This number will be the first number of the coupon book, and each page after will be sequential from the first number (i.e. if they type 1, the coupons are 1-250, or if they type 1250, the coupons are 1250-1500).


Is it possible to have a one-page template with static background and a variable text field, that creates a 250 page document? I have made an imposition file that will take a 250 page file and stack the files accordingly so the order is correct when cutting and assembling, but I don't understand how to connect the dots on the numbering.


I appreciate any information you can share to point me in the right direction. I looked through a number of threads, but maybe I am searching for the wrong terms (not sequential numbering??).


Thank you,



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You can do this by repeating the record 250 times. Add this line of code to an OnRecordStart Callback rule:

FusionPro.Composition.repeatRecordCount = 250;


Then you need to create a blank text rule that will return your sequence number:

var seq = Field("Start Number"); // Replace with the field name of the starting number
var result = (Int(seq) - 1) + FusionPro.Composition.repeatRecordNumber;
return result;

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