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How can I tell the number of instances of a substring within a string?


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I have customers entering up to three titles. Occasionally they add a linebreak tag to have more control on appearances.


Currently, there is an email field in a static position, but they want it to shift down a line only if the titles take up 4 lines.


I have a rule that outputs the all the titles formatted as one variable, and breaks those lines with a linebreak tag.


How can I count the number of instances of "<br>" in the output string?

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You can use this to determine the number of break tags in a string:

var str = Rule("Your format rule"); // Titles
return str.match(/\<br\>/g).length;


Or you could assign that to a variable and move your static text like so:

var titles = Rule("Your format rule");
var breaks = titles.match(/\<br\>/g).length; // Number of breaks
var email = "<br>static@emailaddress.com";
return (breaks < 4) ? title + email : title + email.replace("<br>","<br><br>");

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Ahh sorry. I forgot it cuts off everything you write after and end code block.


No it did not work. I am getting an error when there are either no titles or the title(s) can all fit on one line:


TypeError: str.match(/\<br\>/g) has no properties)


I need to edit the code to be able to continue if there are no properties. Right now that if statement errors out.

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Is that the error you get at validation? Does it preview/compose correctly?


You could add a try/catch statement when defining your variables so that if the match function can't find any breaks, it will default to being defined as 0.

try {var breaks = Rule("Title Copyfit Rule").match(/\<br\>/g).length;} catch(e){var breaks = 0;}
var result = "";

if (breaks == 4) 
   result = "<br>";

return result;

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I believe you can edit Step's original code as well. Edits are in Red.


var str = Rule("Your format rule"; // Titles
return [color="red"]([/color]str.match(/\<br\>/g)[color="red"]||[])[/color].length;




var titles = Rule("Your format rule");
var breaks = [color="red"]([/color]titles.match(/\<br\>/g)[color="Red"]||[])[/color].length; // Number of breaks
var email = "<br>static@emailaddress.com";
return (breaks < 4) ? title[color="red"]s[/color] + email : title[color="red"]s[/color] + email.replace("<br>","<br><br>");


The ||[] will cause the match to return null when there are no line-break tags.

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