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Overprinting Dropshadows


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I have been researching how to overprint a dropshadow for variable text in Fusion Pro, but have yet to find anything that works. How can I accomplish this? I have more details posted below:


I currently have two jobs that need this to work. One is with black text and one is with white text and both are on colored backgrounds.


Here's what I have done so far. In the fusion pro / advanced / colors menu I have turned on the overprint feature for the color black. I also have the "soft" option picked in the graphics tab of the composition menu when composing. It's showing up as a knockout instead of an overprint still.


I have even tried changing the different settings in the graphics tab of the composition box. Nothing so far has worked and from everything I have read it seems that all I should have to do it check the overprint box in the colors panel. Any help as to how to make this work is much appreciated.


Thank you in advance,


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