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Acrobat layers composing from Fusion Pro


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Not sure how to ask this.


When I export a PDF from InDesign, I can have it create Acrobat layers. One layer for position and the other layer for the image. I can toggle them on and off in Acrobat layers. My question, when I toggle the position layer off or tell it not to print. Then compose the document. The position layer still composes and shows up. I am assuming that this has to do with the compliance level is only 5.0 compatible. Has anybody else tried this and has had any luck or should I just continue my old ways of deleting the position layer.


I attached some screenshots of the layers.




no position layer.pdf

Position layer.pdf

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You can create another graphic frame and assign the position layer image and then use this rule to only see it while proofing but have it suppress during composition.



//access the “isOnlinePreview” property and the “isPreview” property


onlinePreviewVal = FusionPro.Composition.JobOptions.isOnlinePreview;

desktopPreviewVal = FusionPro.Composition.isPreview;


//if this is a preview composition or a desktop preview

//then return the text “PROOF”


if (onlinePreviewVal == "Yes" || desktopPreviewVal == true)

return Resource("Position layer.pdf");



return NullResource();

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