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Datamartix Barcode


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Good Morning,

I am working on a project where I need to household my letters by agent and then create a Data matrix barcode based on the house holded information for inserting purposes. My customer has provided me a packet key which is unique based on each agent. I have attached my data file, pdf template and sample output.

The format that I have been instructed to use to create the barcode is following:

Position Length Field Indicator

1 1 Demand Feed “G”

2 1 0

3 2 # of sheets in each set

5 6 Set #(Packet Key)

Is there a way for fusion pro to count the number of sheets in each set? This will be different than the number of pages in a set as we are printing each letter duplex.

Also is there a way to create code so that the data matrix barcode will only print on the first page of each set?

As always any help is appreciated.

INGUser Fusion Pro.zip

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I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to do exactly. Here's what I've assumed based on your post:

1. You are generating 1 output file

2. Within that output file, you have letters that are grouped by agent

3. The first letter for an agent's group should have a barcode on it

4. The barcode should include a "demand feed indicator", "# of sheets in that set", and the "Packet Key".


If all of those assumptions are correct, then I think you're going to have trouble with the "# of sheets in a set." I say that because each record could produce a variable number of pages because of that overflow page. If each record always produced 2 pages (for example) you could import your data file as an external data file and do some quick math to determine how many pages each set would have. But unfortunately, I don't think that can be achieved with the way this particular job is set up.


As far as getting the barcode to only print on the first page of the set, I think you edit your "pg1" rule to only return the barcode if the agent field changed. Like this:

return (FieldChanged("agent_last")) ? DMbarcode.Make(barcodeData) : "";

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Thank you for the response step. All of your assuptions are correct.


I figured that the # of sheets was going to be an issue so I thought about using an external data file where I add an addtional column called # of sheets along with the Packet key and packet #. I could not get the external data file to work though.

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Do you already know the number of sheets per set? If so, you don't have to use an external data file, you could just add another column to the data file you're already using and pull the info in that way. You wouldn't have to insert it for every record, just the ones that start the set.
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