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Naming output file


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I have a rule that names my output files that I need some help with so it works correctly. I'm uploading my files for clarity if needed.


FusionPro.Composition.outputFileName = "ITEMNAME_" + CurrentRecordNumber() + "_" + "codes_" + Field("Codes") + "_thru_" + Field("codeend") +  "." + FusionPro.Composition.outputFormatExtension;


1) The CurrentRecordNumber needs to be changed to number the output files sequentially 1, 2, 3, etc.

2) I want to eliminate the Field "codeend" (which I put in manually each time) and use only the Field "Codes" to pull in the ending code # of each batch.


Assuming for this example, I'm composing 23 records in batches of 10. My rule names the output...






What I'd like the files to be named, using only the Field "Codes" are...





Thanks in advance.




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Would this work for you?

var input = new ExternalDataFileEx(FusionPro.Composition.inputFileName,"\t");
var codeEnd = input.GetFieldValue(FusionPro.Composition.inputRecordNumber+9,"Codes");
var fileName = "ITEMNAME_" + FusionPro.Composition.currentOutputFileNumber + "_codes_" + Field("Codes") + "_thru_" + codeEnd + ".pdf";
FusionPro.Composition.outputFileName = fileName;

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Thanks for the quick reply!


It's almost there. The only thing is that the last .pdf in the composition may not have 10 records, so it leaves the endcode blank on filename as below...




Any idea for fixing that?


I'm going to play around with the rule you sent me and see if I can come up with anything.


Thanks for the help


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Oh, I see. Probably the easiest thing to do is to modify the 'codeEnd' variable to look like this:

var codeEnd = input.GetFieldValue(FusionPro.Composition.inputRecordNumber+9,"Codes") || input.GetFieldValue(input.recordCount,"Codes");

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