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128 B Barcode Rule


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I have a coupon with tiered amount of discounts. $10 off $50, $20 off $75, & $30 off $125. Customer gave me a Tab delimited .txt file with 20 digit (alphanumeric) codes to represent each discount. (So, the .txt file has 3 'columns' each holding a unique code for the respective tiered discount). I can easily place the unique code onto the coupon as text but I also need to generate a 128B barcode for each unique code and place all three barcodes on the same coupon. I have to use the Make128BBarCode Rule also, and that is where I am running into issues. I used the Make128BBarCode template but it populated all 3 discounts into one barcode. How can I make each barcode pool from the proper discount tier and use the 128B rule?


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You can create more than one barcode rule and place each rule in a text box where the barcode should go.


In the rules dialog, either use the duplicate button and then edit each rule to adjust the rule name and which column is used. Or you can start again with creating a new rule and using the 128 barcode template and using a unique rule name. Your existing rule will still be there.

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