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Type with a gradient blend

tim lindner

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Recently a client need some type with a horizontal gradient blend. I came up with this:

// Return "FieldName" colorized from left (start color) to right (end color).
// Remember to turn on "Treat returned strings as tagged text" check box.

var FieldName="Field Name";
var Start = [2,63,98,1]; // Start color: [C,M,Y,K]
var End = [23,85,100,16]; // End Color: [C,M,Y,K]

var FieldLength = Len(Rule(FieldName));
var StepCyan = (End[0]-Start[0])/FieldLength;
var StepMagenta = (End[1]-Start[1])/FieldLength;
var StepYellow = (End[2]-Start[2])/FieldLength;
var StepBlack = (End[3]-Start[3])/FieldLength;
var myColor;
var Result = "<span>";

// Build Colors for Text

for (c = 0; c < FieldLength; c++)
myColor = new FusionProColor("CustomGradColor"+c, Start[0]+(StepCyan*c), Start[1]+(StepMagenta*c), Start[2]+(StepYellow*c), Start[3]+(StepBlack*c));

// Build resulting string

for (c = 0; c < FieldLength; c++)
   if (Asc(Mid(Rule(FieldName), c+1, 1)) == 32)
	// Special case the space character
       Result = Result + " "; // Use " " for a breaking space
   else if (Asc(Mid(Rule(FieldName), c+1, 1)) == 38)
       // Special case the ampersand character
       Result = Result + "&";
       Result = Result + '<color name="CustomGradColor'+c+'">'+Mid(Rule(FieldName), c+1, 1);

Result = Result + "<\span>";

return Result;

This does a "fake" gradient blend by colorizing each character in the string.

It's really only useful for a single line of type. If the line breaks the gradient will wrap with the type.

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