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Two instances of a Random Number


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I'm working on a project which requires the use of a random number (between 0 and 9) to be placed at the end of a barcode string. That same number also needs to be included in the human readable text below the barcode.


All my attempts have resulted in different random numbers being generated in each location. Is there an easy way to generate a random number then use in multiple locations?


My guess is it will involve an OnRecordStart rule--but I can't seem to get it to come out correctly.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions!



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You're right, you want to generate that random number at the start of every record (in the OnRecordStart call back rule) and then apply it to your barcode string as well as the human readable string.


It's hard to say for sure without seeing how you currently have your template set up but I think you could do something like this:

var barcode = "Barcode"; // The name of your barcode field
var ran = Math.random();
ran = Math.floor(ran*10);

FusionPro.Composition.AddVariable(barcode,Field(barcode) + ran);


This adds the randomly generated number to the value of your field "Barcode" so any text frame that returns Field("Barcode") will return the value + the random digit at the end.


Again, I'm just taking a stab in the dark at how you're template is set up. If this doesn't work, you may want to upload a sample of your template and data for a more tailored solution.

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