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FusionPro Web v6.11 now released!


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Hello all,


FusionPro Web v6.11 has been released which and includes a number of new feature enhancements and issue resolutions. This release affects Printable customers using the FusionPro Web hosted solution (the Printable Web-to-print system). Please review the FusionPro Web 6.11 release notes for additional information and to to determine what, if any, impacts they will have on your use of the FusionPro Web system.


There are several key enhancements available in FusionPro Web 6.11 including:


Support for FusionPro VDP 6.0 templates - Templates created with the newly released FusionPro Desktop 6.0 product can now be uploaded to the Manager. FusionPro Desktop 6.0 includes support for Adobe Acrobat 9 and InDesign CS4 Support as well as 3 new features - repeatable components, JavaScript frame controls, and Repeat Record. Read more about these new features in the FusionPro VDP 6.0 suite release notes.


Support for FusionPro Desktop 5.8P2c templates - Templates created from the last FusionPro Desktop 5.8 release - version 5.8P2c - can now be uploaded to the Manager. While Printable recommends that FusionPro Web customers upgrade to FusionPro Desktop 6.0 for template creation, users can certainly continue to use the Desktop 5.x product for FusionPro Web VDP template creation.

: FusionPro Desktop 5.8P2c should only be used by those customers that wish to use the Desktop 5.x product for template creation and need Unicode template support.
If you wish to use Desktop 5.x and do NOT need Unicode template support, it is recommended that you use FusionPro Desktop 5.1 for template creation.

Print-Ready Download Option - Print-ready output for a static, versioned, or variable item can be made available for download to the store user after they place an order for that item. This allows you to charge customers for the delivery of these print-quality and deliver it to them seamlessly within the Store.


Enhanced Credit Card Security - For added security in credit-card purchases, Card Security Codes (CSV codes) are now required for all purchases using a credit card.


Suppress Bill-to, Ship-to, and Order Confirmation - A number of items in the store checkout process including bill-to and ship-to information as well as the Confirm Order page can now be optionally suppressed from the store checkout process.


Additional information about the FusionPro Web 6.11 release can be found in the FusionPro Web 6.11 release notes.

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