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Fit one more card on sheet


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Hello -


Trying to fit an extra card on a 12x18 sheet size. The cards are 4.5x6.5 (including bleeds), 4 on a sheet, leaving much unused sheet space. is there a way to add one additional card per sheet, rotated 90 degrees relative to the other cards, in a stack output?




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FPImposer does not support custom rotation of individual records on a layout. To do what you are asking, you would either need to (1) output single records and impose with 3rd party software, or (2) create a 5-up template in FusionPro and generate one page of output for every 5 records (probably by using the data as an external data file).


Alternatively, you might see if it would be possible to run 13x19 stock on your digital press and decrease your bleeds to 1/16" in order to get 9-up on a sheet. This is what we have done in a similar situation on an Indigo press.

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