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Font change on variable postcard


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I am working on a variable postcard for a Marcom store. I want to give the user the ability to change the font in the variable section.


The problem I am running into is that the variable section will contain the first name of the postcard recipient. That same variable first name is also on the mail panel on the back side of the postcard.


I only have the first name field in the data once.


How can I set this up so the user can change the font for the first name on the front of the card without changing the font on the back side mail panel?


It seems like the font change format within Marcom can only be applied to a field.


Is there a way to create a rule that basically duplicates the data from one field into another field?

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As usually seems to happen when I post here, I figured this out on my own.


In case anyone cares, I created a rule that calls in:




That allowed me to place the name without the formatting that is being placed by the MarcomCentral store.

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