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Postnet adding a zero at the end


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Whenever i make a postnet bar code from the wizard, my finishes barcode has a 0 (made with the bars) at the end of every entry. My mailing expert says the zero should not be there because it is adding too many bars on the code. It becomes 67 bars instead of 62. I'm not sure why it is doing this lately. All i do is add the zip+4 field into the first drop down box, then the 3 digit delivery point into the second drop down box and i'm done. But for some reason it is making extra bars. Please help.

Thank you.

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I have a guess at what's happening here. For postnet barcodes, there's 12 digits that goes into the barcode. That being:


Zip (5 digits)

+4 (4 digits)

Delivery point (2 digits)

Barcode checksum (1 digit)


You mention that your delivery point is 3 digits long. Further, you mention that you are getting this "0" at the end when you use our barcode function.


It sounds to me like your delivery point field already has the checksum in it. This would explain both why you have 3 digits in the delivery point and a "0" from our function. Since you already have checksum in your data, you don't need to use our function (which by default does a calculation of the checksum and apends it to the end).


Instead of using our postnet function, you can write a simple text rule to typeset postnet barcodes with our AdvPnet font whenever you have 3 digit delivery points. Try this:


returnString = '(' + Field(Zip4) + Field(3-digit-DP) + ')';
return returnString;

Just apply the AdvPnet font to the placement of this rule in your text frame and it should work just fine.


Hope this solves your issue.

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