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Export and import formatted text resources

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I am developing 3 business cards. The user is able to choose the address for their location through a dropdown in MarcomCentral.

The choice in the dropdown then selects the appropriate formatted text resource in FusionPro. See screenshot below.


Since there is probably going to be changes to these I would like to hear if it is possible in FusionPro to export all the resources and import them into another FusionPro document?



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Sure. Any composition run on the current template will produce a .def file. When you open a different template, go to FusionPro > Data Definition... > Wizard... and choose to "Import a data source from another template". Choose the .def file from your original template. This will import all resources and rules along with the current data file the original template was using.


Alternatively, you could duplicate the existing template and make change to the file itself.

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