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Can text frames be moveable?

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Hi, I've attached our file for review. On the bottom of the letterhead are five frames lined up in a row. The first frame is where the customer enters their address information. Depending on the length of that information, we would need the other four frames to move closer or farther away from that first frame so the first frame that has the colored bar is the same distance from the end of the address info as it is away from the phone numbers. The other four frames can move together as they are in the template as their spacing relative to each other is good. This way there would always be even spacing between the individual parts/text in this area. Is this possible to do with Fusion Pro 8?


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Thanks for your help. We did look at trying to do this in a table, but we could not figure out how to make it work. It seemed that it was more for normal graphic tables and charts. Can you direct us to where we can learn more about making tables in our scenario? Thanks.
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