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Yes! a more easy way to search for answers, rather than asking the same question for the millionth time!

Questions for the Admin:

Is there a place in this new forum to discuss tips/tricks for the Manager &/or Dashboard? (groups, impositions, bulk ops, etc.) or did I just miss it?

and... I'm in the W2P "group", what does that mean? The only place I can find info about that is My Settings (where it says I am in the group) & the info about groups in the FAQ, but neither of them tell me much.... Will I see special messages/posts pertaining to that 'group'? How can I see who else is in the same group?

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Thanks so much for the positive feedback, especially when the community is in its infancy. We're planning some more features to make this even easier to use and follow!


If you are one of our web to print users (a Manager and Dashboard customer), then the W2P (web to print, get it?:D) is the forum for you.


Since it is available only to our FusionPro Web customers, you need to request to join.


To request membership, go to "My Settings" and, under the Networking section in the left hand menu, select "Group Memberships".


Thanks again and keep watching.

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The forum method brings several good things to discussions - themed subjects, permanency etc.

However it does hinder the ability to simply get an e-mail with the issue, being able to quickly know it is new, quickly read it, and quickly respond to it. One would have to log onto the board and specifically look / read etc. And while you can subscribe to certain threads, most boards don't have the ability to have the best of both worlds - the themed discussions and the increased speed and usability of e-mail lists.

Is there a way in this forum to do both?

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Except that this is the norm to how most support forums work these days. The latter was an email distribution list that was limited in it's scope.


I disagree, I believe that it will be just as easy to discern new posts, give things a quick read, etc. Discussions are now categorized, offer much better organization that the email distribution lists. I had some pretty complex filters to try and manage both FusionPro Desktop and FusionPro Web content. I'm also jazzed that we will now have the added ability to post code, have it look like code, and keep it separate from our main message/question/issue.


If you post to the forum an issue that you are seeking help for, you will receive email notifications when people respond to your issue. Just like I did the minute you posted your response. So you will not miss out on answers.


How often were you really in front of your machine anyway when new posts came in? You are correct that if you are looking for specific issues, it will require logging on and searching for them (again, more the norm these days) versus monitoring your email regularly.


I know that I for one, appreciate that Printable has moved to a more traditional discussion forum. Many people consider email distribution lists as spam anymore. I subscribe to Apache Web Server and Red Hat Enterprise users lists and I don't know when the last time was I look in there for anything. But one thing is for sure...I have thousands of unread mail in those groups.and I know that you can change settings to only receive digests, etc. But I believe that this is a better move for Printable. I know that I will not miss the "Out of Office" auto-replies, that's for sure.

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And while you can subscribe to certain threads, most boards don't have the ability to have the best of both worlds - the themed discussions and the increased speed and usability of e-mail lists.


Is there a way in this forum to do both?

Hi Marcus,


Thanks for the thoughts. We've set the forum so that, by default, you are subscribed to any thread that you start or reply to. Instead of having to check the forum on a regular basis (which we would love to have you do but we also know you need to get work done), you will receive an email saying that someone has replied.


Additionally, but not yet installed, is a plug in that will allow you to subscribe to specific discussion forums (areas). This way, if you subscribe to the Web to Print forum, for example, you can be notified whenever a new thread is started, regardless of whether or not you have participated in that thread.


Since this forum is in its infancy, we are still looking at additional functionality, so please keep the ideas coming.

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