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Variable 2D Barcode


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Good Afternoon,

I am preparing an Agent/ Owner mailing where I need to create a single page letter for each owner in the data file. However I need to group these letters by agent so that each agent gets a single envelope containing all their letters.

Once these letters are printed we would like to put them on our inserter and have them auto insert into envelopes based on the information in the 2D barcode. Is it possible to write a rule so that each page gets a 2D barcode that has a demand feed on the last page of the set for each agent? The rule that I currently use for inserting a 2d Barcode is below:

barcodeData = "";

barcodeData = "G"; //If this is the last page in the document, the value = "G" else the value = "0"

barcodeData += "0";

barcodeData += "01"; //this is the # of sheets of paper in the document--

recNum = FusionPro.Composition.inputRecordNumber;

barcodeData += FormatNumber("000000", recNum);

barcodeData += "01"; //this is the sheet # in document --

barcodeData += "000";

var DMbarcode = new DataMatrixBarcode;

DMbarcode.pointSize = 3;

DMbarcode.preferredFormat = 7;

return DMbarcode.Make(barcodeData);

I also need to know if there is a way to code the output within fusion pro to get offset each group as it comes off the printer.

I am attaching a sample letter template and data file. I am also attaching a pdf with notes on how I would like to be able to code the bar codes for each page of the letter.

INGUser Agent Owner Sample.zip

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