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Illegal Font Lookup


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Hello all--


As I've seen in a couple of other threads from several years ago--I am now victim of the sudden error message:


"Just: Illegal font lookup (font/pointsize not loaded)"


I've cleared all font caches, user caches, root caches, reloaded fonts in Fusion, etc. that everyone has tried previous with no luck.


I am in the middle of several big projects and now I can't preview and/or compose anything.


Any thoughts?


Any help is greatly appreciated!!


Mark Riley

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I had the same issue. With the help of my co-worker we have found it out and got things working again.


It appears that I did not have all the forms of Helvetica loaded for Fusion. I must have not had them loaded with Fusion 7.2, but now with 8.2, you need them.


So I copied the files over that I needed and it worked. I then changed my default fonts to be Courier. And the problem is truly gone.


All of this after uninstalling/re-installing/uninstalling. Also deleting all folders that I could find that related to either 'PTI' or 'Printable'. And manually removing all plug ins from Acrobat, and InDesign that I could find.


I knew it had to deal with fonts, but would have never guessed it was my default font that I never changed in Fusion.

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