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Code 128 (TypeError: str has no properties)


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I use a combination of two rules to make sequential barcodes,

return 999 + CurrentRecordNumber();

which I name numbering, then I make another rule:

return Make128Barcode(Rule("numbering"))

Changing out the start number and kind of barcode depending on the job.


In the past this has come off without a hitch and I have had a lot of success with it. Recently I started getting errors when using the Make128Barcode rule. The error says "/Library/Application Support/Printable/FusionPro/Builtins.js, line 1561: TypeError: str has no properties" When I use the Make128Bbarcode rule it validates and I can compose a finished document but when I test the barcode with a barcode scanner I get a "Check Character bad Fail"

All of my other barcode rules that I usually use are working just fine. I have been in contact with Customer Support from FusionPro and they have been generally prompt in answering my emails but at this point I have not gotten a solution. They have advised me to use this rule:

var UseChecksum = false; // or change to true
return '<f name="IDAutomationC128M">' + NormalizeEntities(Make128Barcode(Rule("numbering"), UseChecksum));

which produces the same result as before. They also advised me to reinstall FusionPro (I upgraded from 5.5 to 5.8) this has also not changed my results. I see no errors in my .msg files on the 128BBarcode attempts.


Does anyone else use FusionPro to make code 128 barcodes? If so, are you running into the same problems?

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I have found my own solution by reverse engineering the built in 128 barcode rule


Var1= FormatNumber ("0000", 999 + CurrentRecordNumber());
retstr = (Var1);
final_data = "";
final_data = '<span><f name="' + Var6 + '">' + NormalizeEntities(Make128Barcode(retstr)) + '</span>';
return final_data;

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