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PPML on a freeflow - font problem


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I'm trying to use PPML on our xerox freeflow. My variable piece is pretty simple - Name & Address on one page of a newsletter.


The problem I'm running into is that after ripping through the Freeflow the variable text comes out as squares. I've tried Arial and Helvetica with the same results.


I can see the .pfa files in the PPML zip that fusionpro generates. I can also see Arial and Helvetica on the loaded fonts on the Freeflow.


The VIPP format seems to work fine. We don't have the license for vipp though so it's limited to 200 pages on the Freeflow.


Using FusionPro Desktop 6.2P1c (which is a few years old).


Any ideas?

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Ok, I solved my problem.


I found another forum that said to turn off Font Subset in FP. I did that but still ended up with squares for text.


I decided to try composing without the fonts embedded - I am only using standard fonts after all - and it worked!

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