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Setting a turnaround level based on mail drop date?


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Looking for assistance in creating a rule that will populate a field with a turnaround level based on input from the user into a Mail Drop Date field. Example: If the user chooses a mail drop date of Monday, February 25th, 2013 and today is Friday, February 22, 2013 the rule will set the turnaround field to Express 2 Business Days.


Rush 2 Business Days

Mail Drop Date <= 2 Business Days from Today


Express 3 Business Days

Mail Drop Date <= 3 Business Days from Today and > 2 Business Days


Standard 5 Business Days

Mail Drop Date >= 5 Business Days from Today


Since the input from the user can be controlled by the calendar function in Marcom I can set this to whatever format is easiest to code.


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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Google is your friend:

var dDate1 = Today();
var dDate2 = DateFromString("2/25/2013"); //(Field("MailDropDate"));
var iWeeks, iDateDiff, iAdjust = 0;
var result = '';

// error code if dates transposed
if (dDate2 < dDate1) return "Your drop date occurs in the past!";

var iWeekday1 = dDate1.getDay();
var iWeekday2 = dDate2.getDay();

// change Sunday from 0 to 7
iWeekday1 = (iWeekday1 == 0) ? 7 : iWeekday1;
iWeekday2 = (iWeekday2 == 0) ? 7 : iWeekday2;

// adjustment if both days on weekend
if ((iWeekday1 > 5) && (iWeekday2 > 5)) iAdjust = 1;

// only count weekdays
iWeekday1 = (iWeekday1 > 5) ? 5 : iWeekday1;
iWeekday2 = (iWeekday2 > 5) ? 5 : iWeekday2;

// calculate difference in weeks (1000mS * 60sec * 60min * 24hrs * 7 days = 604800000)
iWeeks = Math.floor((dDate2.getTime() - dDate1.getTime()) / 604800000)

if (iWeekday1 <= iWeekday2) {
   iDateDiff = (iWeeks * 5) + (iWeekday2 - iWeekday1)
} else {
   iDateDiff = ((iWeeks + 1) * 5) - (iWeekday1 - iWeekday2)

// take into account both days on weekend
iDateDiff -= iAdjust;

// add 1 because dates are inclusive
//iDateDiff = iDateDiff + 1;

// determine correct turnaround
if (iDateDiff <= 2) result = 'Rush 2 Business Days';
else if (iDateDiff >= 5) result = 'Standard 5 Business Days';
else result = 'Express 3 Business Days';

return result;

Note that I commented out the "inclusive day" since I would think that "today" would not be factored in when determining turnaround time, especially if order is placed end of day.

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This works perfectly in that it returns the value I'm look for however I'm not sure how I can now apply a price to the value in Marcom. My goal was to have the result of this rule populate a field that could then have a dynamic price attached. Is it possible to have a rule change the data and therefore make it visible to the intelligent forms?
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It sounds like you are asking for logic that alters the content of your front end rather than a FusionPro-generated document. In that case, you might want to post this in the Marcom Central section for specific information. I am not an MC user so I can't help in that regard.
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