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External Data File - auto update drop-down list


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I have a template which will display the information about a specific store (the store address, store hours, directions, etc).


All of this information is stored in an external data file.

The user simply selects the store from a drop-down list, and the rest of the information gets auto-populated based on their selection.


It's great that I can update the external data file whenever a new store is added (or an existing store closes), but ...


If I add 3 new stores to my External Data File (for example), I need to log into Marcom, go to the template manager, edit the list and add these three new locations manually. (Otherwise the user doesn't see them).


Likewise, if I remove a few stores from the External Data File, I need to remember to remove these two stores (manually) from the drop-down list.


Can the data source for the drop-down to be equal to the first column of the XDF? This way, if I upload a new data file, the drop-down list will automatically be updated.

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