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Adding commas and dollar signs


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I am sure this has been asked and discussed in maybe a different way. But I have search the forums and can't find a simple solution.


I have 5 data fields with dollar amounts in them. None have commas, or dollar signs.


In a perfect world I would just use the Number to Currency wizard for all 5 fields that FusionPro gives however....


Not all the data in those fields are numbers, some is text and they change whereas sometimes the "Other $_______ may be in field named AMT1 position.



Amt1= 25

Amt2= 50



Amt5=Other $________



Amt1= Other $________

Amt2=(Blank--will be suppressed)

Amt3=(Blank--will be suppressed)

Amt4=(Blank--will be suppressed)

Amt5=(Blank--will be suppressed)



Amt1= 25

Amt2= 50

Amt3=Other $________

Amt4=(Blank--will be suppressed)

Amt5=(Blank--will be suppressed)


I need to make it where the rule searches the field for numbers only and convert to currency formatting. And if it has text do not format.

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Assuming you're trying to list these in one text field, this might work for you:


var amt = [];

for (var i=1; i<=5; i++){
   (Field("Amt" + i) != "") ? amt.push(Field("Amt" + i)) : "";

return amt.join("<br>").replace(/(\d+)/g,function(n){return FormatNumber("$###,###,###.00",n);});

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