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Hiding Profile Attributes on My Profile Page


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To hide any profile attribute field ...


1. Log into the Manager and for your store, select Bulk Ops.

2. Download the Text Profile Attributes template and open it in Excel

3. Find the field you wish to hide

4. If it is currently set to 'Visible', then change it to 'Hidden'

5. Do this for all users for which you want to hide this field

6. Save the Excel file as an .xls file

7. Reupload it using the Bulk Ops page


Log into the site as that user, go to the My Profile page and you will notice that field is now hidden.


Note: there is ANOTHER property of a Text Profile Attribute field that allows you to specify if that field is Locked or Unlocked. If you want to use a specific TPA field but do not want the user to be able to change it, set that field to 'Locked'. This way, only a profile administrator can update it, but the user cannot.

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