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Processing Timed Out


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I have a book product that I've been working off and on with for a while now. Users first specify a trim size from a dropdown menu, then a page count range from a dropdown menu, then lastly they upload Covers 1, 2, 3, and 4, a Spine file, and finally a Text file. The template layout is as follows: C4/Spine/C1, then Text, then C2/C3. The user can upload Text files ranging from 16 to 500 pages.


While testing this product, I always receive a "Processing Timed Out" error whenever I insert a text file with a larger page count. It's not consistent, but usually anywhere from 250 pages and up; sometimes higher, sometimes lower, but generally the larger the trim size, the lower the page count before the error. Now these test Text files are b&w text only, no color or images, so they're not very large in size. The largest is 11MB (8.5" x 11", 500 pages). The test Cover files sizes are also small, the largest being 272KB.


My question is, is this error being caused by exceeding a maximum page count? Or is it due to file size? Is it a combination of the two, or something else all together?

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