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Producer not copying files to final output folder


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I am testing upgrading our FP7 templates to FP8. One of the issues that I've found is when attempting to compose with Producer (formerly Direct). The file composes (can find it in the "working" folder) but it does copy to the designated output folder when completed. And the .msg does not have the usual "Copied file..." line before "Job ended".


The problem does not seem to be with our Producer settings. Templates created from scratch in FP8 do not have this issue with or without naming rules (see background below). Also, I can get the FP7 templates to work as expected through trial and error and multiple re-save attempts. Has anyone else run into an issue like this? Could it be a bug?



1) We make extensive use of file naming rules to rename output based on the name of the data file driving it. Starting around 7.2, I had to add a call in OnJobStart to force the OnNewOutputFile to fire when not chunking output.


2) With this code commented out, the file does copy to the expected output folder. But it's not named what I want, of course. For problematic templates, some attempts with the code commented out, saved, uncommented, and re-saved seems to work.


3) The attached template was created from scratch in FP7 and then re-saved in FP8. Saving in FP8, composing with Producer, saving again, and re-composing seems to work.


"FP7" = FusionPro Desktop 7.2P1d, Acrobat 9.5.0, Mac OS X 10.6.8

"FP8" = FusionPro VDP Creator 8.2.7, Acrobat 10.1.1, Mac OS X 10.8.2


"Producer" = FusionPro VDP Producer 8.2.5, Windows Server 2008 SP2


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