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Black Drop Shadow Not Overprinting


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We're using FusionPro VDP 8.2.7 on a Mac running OSX 10.6.8. We have a several different brochures with variable data, all with white type with a black drop shadow, overprinting a solid color bar that is different on each. We're outputting to PDFs to print on an Indigo.


I have the variable type set up as 2 layers, one with the white type only and a second layer (a copy of the first, in the same position) with the type changed to black and a drop shadow added using "Advanced Text Effects". Settings are Opacity 120%, Angle 135, Distance 3 pt., Spread 25%.


In the Compose settings, in the Graphics tab, the drop shadow settings are "use soft mask effect" and 300 DPI.


The drop shadow looks fine when previewing in Acrobat/FusionPro. However when it printed on the Indigo it looked "off". When we looked at the composed PDFs, using Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 --> Advanced --> Print Production --> Output Preview, where we can look at the separations, we’re finding that the black drop shadow is not truly overprinting the color bar. It’s actually knocking out of the color bar on the Y, M and C layers and is printing black only. If the color bar has a percentage of black in it, the build percentage is not added to the shadow.


It is knocking out of everything underneath it and printing black only, not black plus the background color. The same thing happens on a 4/c photo, it knocks out of the photo on the Y, M and C layers.


In troubleshooting, I found that if I use a single variable data layer of black type with a black drop shadow, it does overprint the background color. However, once I add the second layer of white type on top of it, the black drop shadow knocks out of the color underneath it.


Any help or ideas would is appreciated. Thanks.

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