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Imposer vs Indesign 6


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Hi Dan,

The issue you are having has to do with the way InDesign exports PDFs in regards to bleed settings. After exporting the PDF from InDesign check the crop settings. If bleed was set in InDesign and your PDF export is set to "Use document bleed settings" you may notice a difference in where your (X,Y) coordinates place frames in the FP template. Check the crop settings of the PDF in Acrobat after exporting. Are the art and trim boxes set to 0.125 or 0? These settings will make a big difference in setting up the frames in FP.


FP uses the 'Trimbox' (Dan or Alex please correct me if I'm wrong) to set the output document size and frame settings.


If you are creating an 8.5" x 11" and the art and trim boxes are set to 0.125 the (0,0) would be based on the 8.5"x11" document. To have a frame go into the bleed you would have to set the frame at (-0.125,-0.125).


If you created the PDF taking the bleed into account, actually creating the document with bleed included, your PDF will be 8.75"x11.25" with the art and trim boxes set to 0. In this case (0,0) in your frame properties will actually be 0.125" offset up and to the left. In order to get each frame into its desired final position you would have to add 0.125" to both the X and the Y coordinates.


The bottom line is the settings for PDF creation between your InDesign 5 and InDesign 6 could be setting bleed different. Open the two output PDFs from the different versions of InDesign and check the crop values in Acrobat. Check all values (Cropbox, Artbox, Trimbox, Bleedbox). If they are not the same check your PDF settings in the InDesign versions and set them how you want them. If 5 is how you want them make 6 the same. If you have already created the PDFs and they are different that's ok. You can change the settings in Acrobat and readjust the frame box positions in FP to compensate.

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