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Define line break point for overflow


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I am working on a business card project where we sometimes encounter issues with the length of the individual's name combined with their professional designations. The combination is sometimes too long to fit in the space allotted, and simply fitting the text to the box would result in font sizes too small to look good.


The offline solution the client has requested is that in these cases (and only in these cases) we simply move the professional designations to the next line below the name. I am trying to reproduce this scenario in FP.


I have attached some sample images to better illustrate what I am trying to achieve.


The text box in question currently looks like this:


«Case selection for a name field Rule»«Designation Comma»«Designation»



Text is aligned to the bottom of the text box, with space above for another line as necessary. Note that the "Designation" variable is a smaller font size than the other variables.


The issue is that when long text is placed into the box, FP breaks the text arbitrarily between words when the line becomes full. I would like to define the point where the line breaks (after the variable "Designation Comma") but of course only when a line break is made necessary by the long text.


Is there a way to do this? Can calculateTextExtent help me somehow? I'm thinking that the two different type sizes on the line would be a confounding factor there. Thoughts?




Digital Imaging Manager at Rileys (print and electronic services provider) in Alberta, Canada

FusionPro VDP 8.0.20, Windows 7, Acrobat X (10), InDesign CS5.5



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