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Is there a way to use dynamic pricing with a minimum cost?

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I would like to set up a product where the number of fields filled in affect the cost. I would like it to be a flat rate for less than or equal to a certain number of fields, but go up a constant amount with each additional field past the critical number of fields.


Each field is for a specific thing, and the customer will not use all of the fields, or use the fields in sequential order (i.e. they will fill in field 1, 7,12, 20,... etc but skip a bunch).


If I could set up every field to add the same cost with dynamic pricing, and set a minimum cost, I believe I can make this work. I am open to other suggestions as well though.


Thank you,


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I have a similar question.

I would like to calculate a fee based on the total qty in order level.

formula is: $5/M (M= 1000) with a minimum of $15

for example, if order

500 business cards

3500 Adult LSM

1000 Edible Bookmarkes

Total qty = 5000 pieces

So the above would be $25 fee

If they ordered only 500 business cards, the fee would be $15 (the minimum).

How can I do that?

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You could create kits containing different products and varying quantity levels. Then you could set a Misc. Fee for each price level of each specific kit.


I do not believe you can set misc. fees based on a given order total.





P.S. An edible bookmark? Yummy! :D

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Hi Dan,

I can't setup kit in advance because I don't know how many products and what qty of each product they will order. Customer will pay credit card payment at the end, so I need to calculate amounts based on their final order information.

Dan, if can't use kit method, any other method can touch this target?

Please advise and thank you very much,


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Hi Dan - I have read the iForms Tutorial, looks like the calculation basded on products, I need to calculate the total qty in shopping cart, how can I get the CartItemQty as a Template Field? please advise and thanks.
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