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JS fix for LAST, FIRST


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Hi all!


I'm super new to this -- -- I just went to training in early November and this is literally my second time using FusionPro for a real job -- so if this has already been answered please direct me to the right thread as I cannot find it. I'm not even sure it's possible.


The CSV file I have for my job has one "Name" field and within that field, the names are formatted as such: "ADAMS, MARGO" and I want that to return "Margo Adams".


I was able to use a basic rule to fix the all caps problem, but I have NO CLUE on what javascript to write to force anything after the comma to go first and anything before the comma to go last then delete the comma.


I think I need the JS to include the Title Case functionality as well as the correct formatting functionality, correct?


It seems like this might be a fairly common issue with customer-provided lists, so if it's not possible, I'm A-OK with telling the customer to fix their formatting. :D


Thanks so much for your help!

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var fullName = Field("Name").split(", ").reverse();
return ToTitleCase(fullName.join(" "));

Of course, this is dependent on EVERY record having a value of [LAST, FIRST]. If any record has first name first, or is not separated by a comma-space, or has a middle initial, the result will be incorrect. Sometimes it is advisable to make data changes "upstream" in the process (i.e. in a spreadsheet app before linking in FusionPro). :)

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Eric -- THANK YOU SO MUCH. This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for you!


I did have a bit of clean up to do in the database, but nothing a find-and-replace doesn't fix quickly. I will keep this code forever!


Thanks for your help and quick reply!


Mariah :)

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