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Carrier and Automatic Shipping

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Hi all,


I've never used either of these methods and we're looking to start now with a new customer. I can't seem to get in touch with any of my contacts at Printable - it seems they're all out of the office these last few days :( - so if anyone has the answers and could help me I would GREATLY appreciate it!


-How does Carrier Shipping differ from Automatic Shipping?

- We want to be able to pack certain items together. For instance if the quantity of Letterhead a user orders is small enough that a box of business cards can also fit in the same carton we want to do that. But on the flip side if someone only orders 500 business cards we want to just be able to ship those in a smaller box. From what I'm reading, the only way to pack items together is if the same carton is assigned to both products. How do you get around this?



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Hi Lisa,


My name is Shabe Deioma and I work at Printable. May I suggest going to the Printable Manager's Help section and searching for the Carrier Shipping and Automatic Shipping Overviews. Each will provide you with a in depth overview of the functionality associated with each shipping solution.


In general Carrier Shipping and Automatic Shipping differ in the following ways; Carrier Shipping allows you to use an account number while Automatic Shipping does not. Carrier Shipping allows for International Shipping calculations (US to Europe) while Automatic Shipping focuses only on shipping within the United States. Of course additional detail can be found via our Help Section (see above).


To answer your question regarding the ability to pack products together, yes we certainly support that functionality for both Automatic and Carrier Shipping solutions.


I hope that this helps!


Thanks and let me know if you have any other questions.



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