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How to example of creating a Template


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Hi everyone!


I'm new to FusionPro and would like to learn more as I go through the manuals and examples that came with it.


I'm trying to replicate one example on the User Guide called "My Body is a Template".

And I'm a bit stuck on the how to specify a markup file.


<story copyhole = “InsertHere”>

<template name = “MyTemplate” position = “afterline”>

<story copyhole = “Record”>Record #1</story>

<graphic copyhole = “CustomerPicture” file = “C:\Cust1.tif”>





I've created a Template page (with text & image variable) & a Body page that contains a Text box. How do I specify for FusionPro to use the Template created?



Thanks for the kind help.



Merrill :)

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