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PhoneTabRule need different size...


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I'm still learning javascript so bare with me. I'm using the phone tab rule and I have it working except I can't seem to figure out how to reduce the font size of the tabbed "PHONE". It needs to be two points smaller than the default size.


Here's my rule...


if (Field("phone1") == "")

return "";


return Rule("phonetab") + <b><color name="WHITE"><f name="NewsGothicSTD">OFFICE</f><t></color></b>';


Thanks for you help!

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The rule you posted does not include font size so either the size is defined in the contents of the phonetab rule (which you would need to post) or directly in your variable frame. Assuming "PHONE" appears in Rule("phonetab") similarly to the way "OFFICE" appears in the rule above, you would need to replace PHONE with

<z newsize='#'>PHONE</z>

where # is the font size you want it to appear as. Also note that as written in your first post, there is a missing quote around your tagged text in the 4th line - I see an end quote but nothing in the beginning.

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