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JLT woes with v8 - Any Indigo users using PPML?


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Hi all,

Apparently Fusion v8 doesn't compose reliable JLTs anymore. A job we ran printed blank sides and/or dropped out static elements for half of the records. I'm told it's being investigated to fix in a future patch, so in the meantime I'm looking for alternatives.


I may have to downgrade myself to Snow Leopard and Fusion 7, but I thought I'd ask about PPML first. I've never tried HP PPML to our Indigos (JLT has always been our output method).


I'm wondering if anyone is using HP PPML or PPML with success? Could you provide any guidelines for how to submit HP PPML to the press that work for you if so?


I see HP PPML options for choosing external locations for graphics, accelerating RIP using SNAP, spot color and imposition options. Does HP PPML work more like Yours Truly where you import at Rip and point to image and database locations? (I'm attaching a screen grab of the HP PPML options box -- had to scale it way down to be accepted so sorry for the crappy quality.)


Thanks for any pointers!



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Kim, we've had similar issues with the jlyt format at our presses as well.


We've been able to migrate to PPML using the PPML settings as opposed to the HP PPML settings.


This setting creates a .zip file that contains the PPML file as well as the supporting resource files that go along with the job. Drop the support files into the "images" subfolder of the hot folder and then drop the PPML file into the root of the hot folder.


This has been the working solution for us.

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Hi Ste,

Thanks for the info.

Initially I was told that JLT is still broken, but the latest info from support is that JLT is supposed to be fixed in 8.2.5.

Guess I'll have to do some testing.


Thanks for the heads up on using PPML instead of the HP PPML.

Difference b/w them seems to be in available option choices -- so as long as we don't need spot colors, sounds like PPML may be the way to go.


thanks again,


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Hello step, would like to ask you a couple of questions about creating and submitting ppml files to an Indigo (or possibly even an iGen4). Once I create the ppml file (a single .zip file), does the Indigo operator have to create a specific hot folder to accept ppml files? Or can he just drop that .zip file directly into the same hot folder that all pdf files are done as well?


Do you create single file ppml's or save off the images in a separate file? Where would you put that image file?


Also, when composing ppml files and you want to save off the images to make the job files smaller and faster on the rips, once I select the option to "Save images to an external location" an additional selection comes up that says "Environment". I can't get past it without putting something in there. I've tried looking at the user guide for this but it doesn't even list it or show the proper picture for the ppml composition screen. Do you happen to know what it is?


Thank you. Any help I can get would be appreciated?


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