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Printing of Imposed Booklet


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I have a 12 page booklet, 5.5x8.5, imposed as a "Saddle Stiched" booklet on 8.5x11 sheets and duplexed, thus three sheets per booklet. Address is placed on the first page and connected to a 3000 record mail sorted text file. I am outputting to a Konica Minolta 7000 as a composed pdf. Composition is fine, imposition is fine, however, when I go to run it, the printer chokes and says that it cannot fold that many pages. It sees this as one "copy" and is trying to fold all the pages in the file. How do I get it to recognize each record as one booklet?
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In FusionPro, in the composition dialog, there is an option "Output to multiple files". Try using this option to create a separate PDF or PostScript file for each booklet. You can also create your own naming convention, as shown in this thread (http://forums.pti.com/showthread.php?t=3375).


Next, create a hot folder for your printer with print settings for saddle stitched booklets. Konica Minolta should have software available for setting up hot folders. Basically, any file dropped in the hot folder gets printed. You may need to setup postscript printing instructions in your FusionPro template and output to PostScript instead of PDF, depending on how your hot folder is setup. Konica Minolta can help provide the specific PostScript commands for your printer.


Last step, copy all the booklet files into the hot folder. They will all print!


Hope this helps!

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