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1 character font change


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I've got this little issue here with fonts. I'd like to put that bullet / diamond thing in between these fields. All three fields are different variable fields. But if I just put them in the text box, should one of those three variables be empty, it'll put two diamonds back-to-back.


The diamonds are wingdings letter "s".


So the rule would have to basically just return the field with the letter s changed to wingdings, that way I can just choose to supress when empty.


Does that make sense?

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There's probably a simpler way to do this but I had something similar already done in a template awhile back. It also has a function to put the dots in the phone numbers.


Feel free to pick this apart or post something more efficient.


function fixnum(nval)
   var n = nval.replace(/\D/g,"");
   var sp = ".";
   var ac = "602"; //use for 7 digit phone

   if (n.substring(0,1) == "1")
       n = n.substring(1);

   if (n.length < 8)
       n = ac + n;

   return n.substring(0,3) + sp + n.substring(3,6) + sp +n.substring(6,10);

var f_ph1 = Field("ph1");
var f_ph2 = Field("ph2");
var f_ph3 = Field("ph3");
var ph1 = "";
var ph2 = "";
var ph3 = "";
var bul1 = "";
var bul2 = "";
var bul = '<span font="Wingdings">' + " s " + '</span>';

if (f_ph1.length > 0)
   ph1 = "Dir: " + fixnum(f_ph1);

if (f_ph2.length > 0)
   ph2 = "Tel: " + fixnum(f_ph2);

if (f_ph3.length > 0)
   ph3 = "Fax: " + fixnum(f_ph3);

if (ph1.length > 0 && (ph2.length > 0 || ph3.length > 0))
   bul1 = bul;

if (ph2.length > 0 && ph3.length > 0)
   bul2 = bul;

return ph1 + bul1 + ph2 + bul2 + ph3;

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