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Bleeds Being Removed


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We have been having this issue and are hoping someone can help.


We have a postcard in InDesign. It's size is 5.85"x4" with a bleed of 0.062" all around. We export it as a PDF (not through FusionPro export) and open in Adobe Acrobat 9. The size is 5.98" x 4.12" which is good. We then use the FusionPro wizard to connect to a CSV and add some variable text boxes and compose.


The PDF that composes to the press ends up with a size of 5.85" x 4". It seems every time we compose, FusionPro removes the bleed. In fact we stopped using the Indesign Export for FusionPro because it also removes the bleed, even with the bleed setting set on the export box.


If we make a file with no bleed and a final size of 5.98" x 4.12" it works fine. I am not sure why FusionPro is removing the bleed. Is there some setting i have turned on?

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I'm not sure if I do it the right way but it works...

I use the InDesign Export for FusionPro with the bleed set. When it opens up in Acrobat, I see no bleed. In Acrobat I go to crop and set CropBox:Top, Bottom, Left & Right to 0, click All Pages and then OK. Now Acrobat shows me the bleed, marks etc. and when I impose, the bleed shows as well.

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