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Fonts with many styles


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First of all, full disclosure...this issue is already with PTI support, via Avanti. But I thought in the meantime I would see if anyone else had experienced something similar.


We are having difficulty with a specific font - MyriadPro - and being able to use all it's myriad (heh heh) styles in the FP text editor in Acrobat.


While there are 30 styles available on my workstation, and they are all present in the FusionPro/Fonts folder, only 8 of them are available in the text editor.


Has anyone experience similar issues with large font families? Is there a workaround? Our client requires that their business cards be set with MyriadPro Semibold for the individuals' names, and it does not appear in the text editor.




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Look in your fonts.ini file (if you are using FP8 it is at C:\Users\Public\Documents\PTI\FusionPro)

You'll see what the menu names are and what font files are being used.


Myriad Pro Light;MyriadPro-Light;Regular;0;0;W;;

Myriad Pro Light;MyriadPro-LightIt;Italic;0;1;W;;

Myriad Pro Light;MyriadPro-Semibold;Bold;1;0;W;;

Myriad Pro Light;MyriadPro-SemiboldIt;Bold Italic;1;1;W;;


Notice the ;1;0; part on the line. This is a flag for bold or italic. So this says that "Myriad Pro Light" made bold in the text editor will use MyriadPro-Semibold.


Hope this helps.

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Thank you so much, Thomas!


That's the second time this week you have pulled me out of the fire. You are my new hero. :D


I'm off to email support and tell them the issue is resolved. Thanks again for your assistance. It's very much appreciated.



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