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3 page cut and stack imposition


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I have a 3 page document, each with its own numbering range.

After imposing I would like to have the 3 pages 3-up on a sheet (single sided) and numbered through the stack.


Whatever I try in FP Impose I am never able to get the 3 pages on 1 sheet. The imposition result is always all records of page 1 first then page 2 and page 3.


Is this imposition scheme possible in FP Imposer?

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On the "Layout" tab of FPImposer under "Step and Repeat", is the leftmost drop down menu set to "Stack"? The other thing to check would be to make sure the "Infinite Stack" checkbox is selected.


If that doesn't work, maybe you could upload you .fpi file for me to look at for you.

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The reason you aren't getting the results you anticipated is because FusionPro wants to collate each page in your PDF document per record. So you get 3 pages per record. Here's a 5 step work around that should give you the results you want:


1. FusionPro > Data Definition > Wizard > click "next" > select "None" and click "Next" > click "Finish"


2. FusionPro > Manage Pages > Page Usage > "Edit" each page, setting them to "unused" and name them 1, 2, and 3 respectively.


3. Create an "OnJobStart" callback rule with the following code:

FusionPro.Composition.composeAllRecords = false;
FusionPro.Composition.endRecordNumber = 300;


4. Create an empty text rule called "Number" with this code:

return FormatNumber("000",CurrentRecordNumber()+99);


5. Create an "OnRecordStart" callback rule that contains the following code:

var pg = Left(Rule("Number"),1);


This solution bypasses your data file and allows you to use only one page per "record" by turning on and off each page. Hope that helps!

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Thanks again.


I understand now why it wouldn't work the way I thought.


Your solution works, but the OnJobStart part didn't work. It generated only 1 record.

When I define the record range at Compose time in the Input tab I get the result I want.

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