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Inventory Backorders and Credit Card

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We have a retail store with 7 pick items (they are books) that our customer offers for sale. 6 of the items we have in inventory and fulfill orders for - no problems or issues.


The 7th item is not yet in our inventory and won't be for two months. Basically these are being sold as "pre-orders" so all new orders are being treated as backorders.


Since this is a retail store, the only payment method is via credit card. The issue is that the credit card authorization has an unknown expiration date, apparently the amount of time a credit card authorization varies depending on the credit card company. Therefore, if we don't ship for, say, two months, we may not be able to settle the credit card transaction before it expires.


We don't know the best way to set this up. Has anybody run into this? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with the credit card expiration issue?


Thank you - Craig

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